Kate J. Sim

I am a Policy Advisor at Google specializing in Child Safety. With frontline experience in organizing and academic training, my research broadly focuses on how sociotechnial systems shape the help-seeking experiences of people put in harm's way.

I earned my PhD at the Oxford Internet Institute where I studied the social implications of digitizing and automating incident reporting for campus safety in the US. Most recently, my project at Microsoft examined how technology companies attend to (or don't) people experiencing identity-based harms.

I employ qualitative methods to study how people experience and make sense of their interactions with emerging technologies. This also includes translating my findings into concrete and actionable recommendations for designers, practitioners, and policymakers.

My interests span across AI/algorithmic accountability in public life, operationalizing research ethics, and data practices for survivors of gender-based violence. I collaborate closely with impacted communities, practitioners, and technologists to inform and guide my research.

I hold a MSc in social science from the Oxford Internet Institute and a BA in gender and sexuality studies from Harvard. Read more here.


August 2021.
I will be joining Google's Trust and Safety team. I will be focusing on child safety issues involving incident reporting.