Writing & Talks

Selected writing


“Respond and resolve: A Critical feminist inquiry for technologies of sexual governance.” Global Perspectives.


“Workshop reporeguarding digital rights amidst COVID-19 through strategic litigation.” Digital Freedom Fund.

Contribution to the UN Special Rapporteur’s report. “Human rights, racial equality, and emerging digital technologies: Mapping the structural threats.” UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry.


“Can we address sexual violence by collecting more data?” Deep Dives.

“What’s the harm in categorization? Reflections on the categorization work of Tech4Good.” Big Data & Society blog.


“Victim blaming meets technological objectivity: Anti-rape technology and its design.” XYZ.


“Workshop report: Design ethics for gender-based violence and safety technologies.” Freedom to Tinker. Princeton Center for Information Technology Policy.

Selected talks

“Thinking and writing through tech ethics beyond ‘broader impact’”

  • FAccT. 2021. See the accompanying slides and worksheet here.

“Ethnography and the Internet. Semantc social network analysis (SSNA) for digital policy.”

  • Oxford Digital Ethnography Group. Oxford, UK. 2021.
  • Next Generation Internet Policy Summit. Brussels, Belgium. 2020.

“The Imaginaries of campus rape and data in sexual harassment reporting systems.”

  • Gender Summit. Munich, Germany. 2021.
  • Data Justice. Cardiff, UK. 2021.
  • Algorithms for her. London, UK. 2020.
  • Korean Institute for Gender Equality Promotion and Education. Ulsan, South Korea. 2019.